Utilizing allegory, history, story telling, visual icons, current events and technology that inform our minds, Echoblink’s art is a manifestation mirror that reflects society.

Purposeful Art is a powerful and thought-provoking expression of an artist’s vision and message. A desire to connect with an audience on a deeper level, Purposeful Art has the ability to evoke emotion, stimulate thought, and inspire action. Through the exploration of the human condition, Purposeful Art challenges us to look at the world in new ways and to consider our place within it.

Purposeful Art

Are we here to change the world? To win hearts and minds? To express concerns to improve lives? To share our space in the Universe? To love our creative nature?

Maybe a bit of each.

Let’s amplify the voices of those who yearn to make the humanverse a better place to co-exist. Our world is important enough to share our thoughts and ideas.

Reaching for more would profoundly turn into a muddy cliche. So, let’s keep engaging with one another by creating something that matters, something that changes things.  Then perhaps the humanverse will join us.

Now you know us a little better.

Substrate Vessel

From the prehistoric cave paintings in Lascaux, to the clay tablets of ancient Sumeria, to the heraldic banners of middle-age Europe, to the clothes we wear today. We have placed our symbols and messages on surfaces for centuries.

Ingenuous Voice

We are all creative. Creativity beautifies the world. It is the language we all need to hear. Never stop the conversation.

Evolved Ideals

What is normal? What is perfection? We have always been the objective sum of a subjective world. We change, we grow. Do it together to reap the best outcome for those who follow.

Emotional Economy

EmEcon 101. Well-being is a currency that should always increase in value. Societies thrive when we invest in ourselves.

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