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When the Vaxxed Lady Sings

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Vaxxed for your protection.

Just when we thought it was safe to go back outside. The end of the pandemic was becoming a reality. We started to return to our normal lives and venture out into public spaces once again. Covid-19 cases were in decline as the country started to roll out vaccines. Expectations of a 70% vaccination rate by July fourth was in our sights.

But, our optimism was short-lived as millions of Americans refused the vaccine. Many declined for political or social reasons. Others for their distrust of the government. While others professed an infringement of their rights, turning it into a culture war.

The hesitancy has brought us to where we are now. Spikes across the nation have returned. Culture wars have been reinvigorated. But there may be cracks forming within the opposition as more outlets begin recommending inoculation. It’s time to the convince the outliers to join in.

Our 2 specially designed tees drive home the social distancing and vaccination messages. The “6 Feet For Covid, 10 Feet for Crazy” tee and the “Vaxxed For Your Protection” tee are now available for purchase in the Echoblink ecommerce store. We can get there together.

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